antminer s3 power consumption

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Antminer S3 specs - Antminer S3 can reach 440 GH/s hashrate and 370 W power consumption for mining BTC (SHA-256) earning around 0.05 USD per day. Find out more hashrate, consumption, difficulty, and profitability for mining 37 different coins.
 Algorithm of Bitmain Antminer S3 - Antminer S3 Detailed Specifications and Profitability Data
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Cart - Model Antminer S3 from Bitmain mining SHA-256 algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 478Gh/s for a power consumption of 366W.
Dogiecoin - Bitmain Antminer S3 Setup Guide
Product Introduction AntMiner S3 is the third generation Bitcoin mining rig, hashing at 478 GH/s while consumes 366 Watt power from the wall. It uses the state of the art BM1382 chip powered by the 28nm tech process with ultra-low power consumption, targeting the best combination of power efficiency
BITMAIN Antminer S3 support and OverClocking thread
The AntMiner S5 is about four times more powerful than the AntMiner S3 but otherwise they are very similar.
 Bitmain is proud to announce the sale of AntMiner S3 for 0.75 BTC each to include International shipping.  S3 is hashing at 478 GH/s while consumes 366 Watt